Welcome to Soul In Bodyment.

YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT – to live an Authentic life, deeply connected to yourself, others, and creation.  You are most likely a healer of some kind – perhaps a teacher, a therapist, a caregiver, a physician, a bodyworker, a parent. a counselor, a minister.  You’ve spent time exploring yourself.  You’ve taken classes and workshops, you’ve moved into your Soul and Shadow, and you know you are here for a reason.


  • You’ve explored the pieces but just aren’t sure how they all go together.
  • Maybe there are a few old patterns you just can’t seem to shift.
  • Or you know the next stage of personal work but need someone to hold space.
  • You feel called to something deeper but are not sure where to start.
  • Or there’s one aspect of yourself – body, mind, heart or soul – that you can’t seem to understand and keep in balance.

I know, because this was me, even after years of study, years of working as a healer, and years of facilitating circles and teaching others.  And that’s why I created SoulInBodyment.

There is an old teaching story about a master stone carver who was asked how he created such beauty.  “At first it is hard.”  he said.  “I must sit with the stone, sometimes for weeks, until I can see the figure contained within.  Then it is easy.  I just get rid of everything else.”  This story is a beautiful description of the Soul In Bodyment process.  Together, we gain a clear vision of the unique beauty of your Authentic Self and then we work on the physical, mental, emotional and soul levels, to help you shed all that is not YOU, all that stands in the way of you living in the power and beauty of your divine self.

Whether it’s through a workshop or retreat, a Soul Realignment reading, or through a Soul In Bodyment circle or one-on-one intensive, the goal is the same – to bring you home to the YOU you were created to be!

Contact: soulinbodyment@gmail.com